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PowerChute – Business Edition – 9.5 – Password Change

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Powerchute BE versions 9.5 or newer can have passwords changed without reinstalling/reconfiguring the software.

Date Created: October 22, 2018 by Ian Thieves

Date Modified: May 15, 2019

1.) Ensure that you the version of Powerchute BE installed on the server is at least version 9.5. Log into the Powerchute control panel and select “About” in the top right corner of the page for version information.

2) Follow the instructions listed below, as per page 2 of the Powerchute BE manual. Note that all existing Powerchute settings will be preserved.

Please ensure that the pcbeConfig.ini file is deleted before logging out of the system! This file should be deleted automatically by Powerchute, but always double-check, as otherwise you have left a world readable text file with a high-value password in it.

PDF version of below instructions: Powerchute – reset password

Resetting your Username and Password

If you have forgotten the username or password created during installation, you can reset the credentials by

creating a configuration file:

1. Create a plain text file named pcbeConfig.ini, and save it to the Agent folder in the PowerChute

installation folder.

On Windows systems, this folder is located at:

C:\ Program Files\APC\PowerChute Business Edition\Agent or

C:\ Program Files (x86)\APC\PowerChute Business Edition\Agent

On Linux systems, this folder is located at:


IMPORTANT: Make sure that the file extension of the plain text file is set to .ini, and not

.ini.txt. On Windows operating systems, it may be necessary to set the folder options to show

the file extensions in Windows Explorer, to make sure that the file extension is .ini

2. Open the pcbeConfig.ini text file with a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and add the following:




Enter the new username and password directly after the equals sign.

– The username must be between 6 and 128 characters in length.

– The password requires:

• Minimum 8 and maximum 128 characters in length

• 1 upper and lower case letter

• 1 number or special character

• The username cannot be part of the password.

3. Save the pcbeConfig.ini file in the Agent installation folder.

4. Restart the APC PBE Agent service:

On Windows

Go into Windows Services under Administrative Tools in the Control Panel. The display name

there is APC PBE Agent. Restart the service.
Enter the following commands into a command prompt:

On Linux

/etc/init.d/PBEAgent stop

/etc/init.d/PBEAgent start

5. If the username and password meet the requirements, the pcbeConfig.ini file is deleted from the

Agent installation folder, and the new credentials are ready to use.

– If the credentials entered in pcbeConfig.ini do not meet the requirements, an error is written to

the file. Check the file for the error, adjust the credentials accordingly, and restart the Agent service.

6. Log in to the PowerChute web interface with your new credentials.

7. After you log in, you will see the Initial Setup screen which helps you configure your shutdown settings.