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SOPHOS Central – 53 – Enabling InterceptX (Servers)

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Created – April 30, 2019 by Helio Gates

Modified – May 01, 2019 by Helio Gates

Prerequisites –

As per best practice, we are not deploying those changes or even enabling new features directly to all of the workstations and servers. The procedure we must follow is to create a temporary policy, select a few amount of devices and leave it running to 15 days before deploying the changes to the Base policy.

1. Use “Test InterceptX – Servers” for the policy name
2. Select a few amount of servers to be testing the changes
3. Take a screenshot of the servers chosen and attach this to the ticket, so the another techs are aware if any further troubleshooting is needed.

For Server Policy only, enable scheduled scanning:

Put the ticket on hold for 15 days, and then on deployment day, remove the
“Test InterceptX – Servers” policy and apply the same changes above to the “Base Policy – Threat Protection.