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ENSPAC – SQL Server – Maintenance

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Created: June 6, 2019 by DunRan


The NAV software on this system uses SQL Express at this time. SQL Express has a database file limit of 10GB (this does not apply to log files, only DB files). In June 2019, this limit had been reached causing the software to crash.

This problem was able to be resolved by the Vendor, who had created a “backup database”, doubling the size. Once the Vendor removed the database, this gained back almost half of the space.

File Folder

FYI – This folder contains the files used by SQL.

June 6, 2019
  • NOTE: The physical size of a SQL File can be meaningless.

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Access the Studio (LANWin Folder) on VPC-330

Database Files

R-Click on Ensign, select Reports, Standard Reports, Disk Usage. This will generate the following report:

June 6, 2019
  1. Physical Files (Reserved Space)
  2. Usage

NOTE: You can also get a report by Table by running Disk Usage by Table.

When Space Used in the Disk Usage Report gets to 8GB or so, this could be reaching critical, as the limit for SQL Express is 10GB. Follow these steps:

  1. Contact PYA to about removing “extra” data from the Database (they may have created another backup database for example).
  2. If there is no space to be reclaimed, the upgrade to SQL Server Standard may be required – inform Randy.

Log Files

Log Files do not have a limit of 10GB, however cannot be left to grow unchecked and eat up all the disk space. To maintain (shrink) the log files (generally when they hit 50GB or so) follow these steps.


Run a Datto Backup manually before starting (this will take 5 to 10 minutes), so you have a current backup.

Access SQL Management Studio.