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Exchange Server: OWA Address

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Created – August 24, 2014
Modified –
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If your company has a Microsoft Exchange Server on the network, you will have access to your email from anywhere outside the office via the Outlook Web Access or OWA for short.

To find out your OWA address use the following method:

– Find out your domain name: For example for Logical Developments it would be logdev.com or for yahoo it would be yahoo.com.

This is typically your website address.

– Once you know the proper URL, plug it in to the rest below:

Example 1: https://mail.logdev.com/owa
Example 2: https://mail.yahoo.com/owa

Please remember the first part https:// must be typed as well as this is a secure website.

When are the proper website, you should see something like this:

– Here you can just enter your Windows username as password the same that you would enter to login to your office computer.

– You can also use your email address and Windows password as well.